Family & Baby Shoots by the fabulous

I've teamed-up with the amazing Christina Jane Photography (who also happens to be my talented wife!) to provide beautifully natural, outdoor baby, child and family photoshoots.

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About Christina Jane

I'm Christina Jane, and I live in rural Northumberland with my husband, wedding photographer John of JPRShah Photography, my two children, Arthur and Sybbie, and my dog and cat, Treacle Toffee and Figgy Pudding. Whilst my husband loves the stress and bustle of wedding photography life, I much prefer the tranquillity and fun of lifestyle, family, children and pet photography. I've built up a beautiful portfolio of family images over the years and there's nothing I love more than capturing the love between mums, dads, and their kids. I'm a natural light photographer and love photographing families outdoors in the beautiful North East countryside - no studios, no hot lights, no posing - just natural, relaxed and happy fun.


Natural Light Baby Portraits

A 90 Minute shoot in a beautiful outdoor location in the North East, with direct access to view all your images in a private online gallery, complete with a hi-res digital download of all your images. Suitable for non-mobile babies up to six months old.


Natural Light Child Portraits

A 90 Minute shoot in a beautiful outdoor location in the North East, with direct access to view all your images in a private online gallery, complete with a hi-res digital download of all your images.


Natural Light Family Portraits

A 90 Minute shoot in a beautiful outdoor location in the North East, with direct access to view all your images in a private online gallery, complete with a hi-res digital download of all your images.


Child & Family FAQ by Christina Jane

Who are Your Ideal clients?

I'm hoping that you are!​ My ideal clients are the parents that truly appreciate natural beauty. If cake smashes, forced smiles and fairy backdrops are not really for you, then we may be the perfect match! Children are beautiful little beings in their own right, and they really don't need bright adornments or props to make them so. If you and your kids like wooden toys, vintage outfits, sandals, sandcastles, camping, old-school teddy bears and going on imaginary bear hunts in the woods, then you really need to book an appointment pronto!

Why outdoors?

Here in the North East, we are blessed with some of the most beautiful scenery in Britain. Why waste it? Children love the outdoors, they love to explore, dream and discover. What better place to do it than the beautiful forests, woodlands, lakes, beaches and parks that are on our doorstep? You and your children can have a wonderful day out and receive some wonderful memories in the process. It's a very personal choice to only use natural light, in natural surroundings, and the absence of backgrounds and costume sets only helps to bring out the natural beauty of children and capture the essence of childhood at its most wildest.

What do you look for in an image?

I want to capture a beautiful image, not just in technical terms, but one that really shines, tells a story, and makes your heart melt when you see it. Childhood is so magical, but also so fleeting, and before we know it, our little ones are no longer children, but adults with busy lives, stresses, and children of their own. I want to capture the magic of childhood, for them and for you. I want you all to look back at the images I create and remember how wonderful being a child, and indeed, being a parent, was. ​Photographs are all about beautiful, magical memories, after all.

What if it rains?

You should really be saying "So what if it rains!?" Whilst most of us adults love the sunshine, if given the opportunity, kids love the rain! Getting all wet and muddy is all a part of being a child, and is so much fun, to boot! A bit of drizzle is really nothing to worry about for images, in fact, grey and overcast days are wonderful for skin tones and prevent sun-squinting in photographs! If the Gods of the Rain are really not happy though and we're experiencing torrential sideways rain and thunder, well, then we can reschedule.

Where can we do the shoot?

I'm lucky enough to live in the beautiful Redesdale Forest, in the shadows of the Cheviots, which is a treasure trove of beautiful scenery, including forest, moorland, woodland, lakes, waterfalls and rolling hills. This is the perfect location for natural outdoor portraiture, and my familiarity with the area means I know a range of stunning and easily accessible spots. If you'd prefer to shoot somewhere else though, then I'm happy to travel to a mutually convenient location. I often shoot on the East Coast beaches at Bamburgh, and other beauty spots nearer to Newcastle, such as Bolam Lake, Plessay Woods, Tynemouth Beach, and a range of Parks and Country House gardens.

When's the best time of the year for a shoot?

Unsurprisingly, the most popular times of the year for outdoor shoots tend to be the warmer seasons - Spring and Summer, but Autumn is also popular for the amazing colours you can get. Winter shouldn't always be discounted though, as most of the forest is evergreen, meaning even when the temperature dips and most of the other plants have lost their leaves, the moss and the needles of the pines are still beautifully green. You may also strike it lucky and get snow!

Can you make albums?

Yes, indeed I can! I can make small or large photobooks and albums of a single session or of a series of shoots over time. As lovely and convenient as digital images are, pictures were meant to be printed! Why not create an annual photobook of your kids that they, and you, can look back on a keepsake? Photobooks and albums come in a range of sizes, paper variations and materials, with small photobook prices starting at £99.

Do you shoot weddings, too?

No, I leave all that stressy stuff to my husband, John, who runs JPRShah Photography. I used to shoot weddings with him, but since the arrival of our own little bundles of joy, Arthur and Sybbie, I just don't have the time! John is pretty good, although I taught him all he knows! If you are also on the lookout for a wedding photographer, you can check out his work on this site.

What about businessy stuff?

Running a business nowadays involves lots of paperwork and legal requirements, and like any other reputable business, Christina Jane Photography is no exception. I provide all clients with an electronic contract that details everything you can expect from me as a photographer and the terms and conditions of our agreement. This contract is issued in partnership with JPRShah Photography, which is the parent company of Christina Jane Photography. I am also fully insured, as is my equipment, and DBS checked via my day job as a Clinical Psychologist.

What should my child wear to a shoot?

Your child can wear anything they like! In truth, I do get asked this question quite a lot and there are some types of clothing that really lend themselves well to outdoor shoots. I've included them in the infographic below if you'd like to know more.