Am I the right wedding photographer for you?

That's the thing, you see, I really don't know! I can shower you with loads of nice pictures, a polished website and Facebook page, and a tonne of information all about me, my style, my approach, and all the rest. But then I have to sit tight with my fingers, toes, eyes and balls crossed in the hope that I'll connect with just the right type of couple that I want to work with. I may as well lob a whole packet of business cards off a tall building into the crowds below, and hope that one lands in your hand. And you look up!

Is this really the right way of finding you guys? Of attracting you to my brand of photography? Perhaps, then, I should try a slightly different tack, one that's less about me, and more about you.

So here's my advert: to seek out my PERFECT wedding clients. Have a read through, and if you're digging them, then perhaps we'll click, just like my shutter button when I capture that perfect moment:

Person Spec

  1. Your wedding photos are very, very important to you. You don't want 'no frills' photography; you want a load of bells, a tonne of whistles, and a few kitchen sinks - images that tell a gorgeous story, are beautiful, and capture your personalities and emotions, as well as your love. Plus a few that stand out like pieces of wall-worthy art and make your friends a bit jealous.
  2. When you look at my work, you fall in love. Like Cersie is to Jamie, Samwise is to Frodo, Anakin is to Padme, like a fly is to poo. If you love what I do, then I love you, too.
  3. You want to talk a lot about wedding photos and share your ideas with me. You want to feel that you're allowed to send through the perfect smoke bomb pic you found on Pinterest at 2.00am, and get a reply at 2.01am saying "hell yes!".
  4. You want to take lots of care to make sure your wedding reflects you as a couple. Don't want an awkward first dance shot? Fine by me. You want to sit on a throne of ice with a massive axe? I'll bring mine, so you have a spare - Let's do it!
  5. You're not keen on "stand over there, look at me and smile" type photos, preferring a more candid and natural approach that doesn't feel posed. You'd rather go for a quiet stroll or fun romp around your venue whilst getting some images, rather than go for out for a structured "photo shoot". You're not adverse to a few epic 'wow' shots thrown in for good measure, though.
  6. You are adventurous, and don't mind getting a bit wet, or bringing wellies (or waders!) to your wedding. There's no way that a bit of drizzle will stop you from getting the pictures you want.
  7. You want to have fun getting your photos. You want to get a few snoggy ones, but also some piggy back ones, or maybe some featuring cartwheels, play-fights, swings, bouncy castles, or a random passerby's Schnauzer named Karl. You're of the opinion that if you're actually enjoying yourself, then the pictures will show it.
  8. You're happy to plan with a little extra time for photographs on your day. Your pictures are very important, remember? Oh, except those family formal ones, just a few of them will do!
  9. You're quite easy-going and love to laugh and have fun and you want your wedding photographer to be like that too. You want him to wear a kilt and a bandanna and braids in his hair so you can call him "Fat Captain Jack" all day and he absolutely won't be offended.
  10. You don't mind reading a big-ass list to help you choose a photographer.

If this is you and your partner, then I certainly, no, I DEFINITELY, want to hear from you! You are who I want to work for; you are why I set up my business, and why I work hard every day to keep it successful. And because of that, you'll know I'll do my very best to make sure you're as happy as Larry with your wedding photos. And we all know that Larry is a happy bastard indeed. Send me an email and let's get the chat-ball rolling!